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Optimal ATS — A streamlined and efficient lot management system for your dealership inventory
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Optimal Asset Tracking System

OptimalTraxTM offers the most advanced real-time vehicle inventory and location tracking system in the automotive market.

Our asset tracking system is a highly efficient, non-invasive smart solution that uses comprehensive data and patented algorithms to monitor your business’s inventory, saving you both time and money.

Always know the status and exact location of every vehicle on your lot!

Driving Efficiency and Results Across the Organization

Owner / General Manager

  • Group Level and/or Dealer Level Performance Reporting
  • New, Certified Pre-Owned, and Pre-Owned Vehicle Inventory Activity and Health Reporting
  • Loaner and Service Vehicle Activity and Health Reporting
  • Vehicle Inventory and Asset Auditing
  • Vehicle Security Violations Reporting

Sales and Service

  • New, Certified Pre-Owned, and Pre-Owned Vehicle Inventory Location
  • Aging Inventory and Test Drive Reporting
  • Sales Lot Optimization
  • Vehicle Availability Reporting
  • Vehicle Locator, Vehicle Search, and Porter Vehicle Relocation Request
  • Diagnostic Trouble Code Reporting
  • Loaner and Service Vehicle Availability and Location Tracking
  • Service Bay Optimization

Operations and Financial Controllers

  • Supports SOC 1 Type 2 Compliant Reporting
  • Reduce Inventory Floor Audit Time from Hours to Minutes
  • Generate Real-Time Inventory Audit History Reports
  • New, Certified Pre-Owned, and Pre-Owned Vehicle Inventory Activity and Health Reporting


Lot and Prep

  • Inventory Asset Location and Health Reporting
  • Inventory Receive and Release Workflow Integration
  • Porter and Vehicle Availability
  • Vehicle Relocation Request Management
  • Porter Performance Reporting
  • Vehicle Battery Health Alert and Reporting
  • Vehicle Security Violation Alert and Reporting

How OptimalTraxTM Works



Insert device into vehicle OBDII port and start vehicle. Once you see the green light and hear a beep you are CONNECTED!



Access your online account to track, monitor, and manage all vehicles on your lot(s).



Quickly locate vehicles to increase sales, reconcile floor plans, and receive alerts when a vehicle’s battery or fuel is low.

Why Choose OptimalTraxTM?

High Accuracy GPS – Locate vehicles on any lot using the same technology found in many world-class GPS products
Continuous Monitoring – Receive alerts for vehicle battery level, engine error codes, fuel level, and ignition status
Inventory Management – Run inventory reports in a matter of seconds
Low Cost and Easy Installation – Simply plug Optimal TraxTM device into the vehicle’s OBDII port and you are ready to monitor vehicle location and status
GEO-Fence – Set boundaries around each lot to get real-time alerts when vehicles leave or enter
Extreme Battery Life – Optimal TraxTM internal battery provides months of continuous operation. No need to worry about dead vehicle batteries ever again!
Ultra-Rugged – Designed for use in all-weather conditions
Theft Deterrent – Sends alert if vehicle is tampered with after hours
Secure Data – Operates on a private network to provide ultimate security
DMS Integration – Save time and eliminate human error by automatically uploading vehicle VIN, make, model, year, mileage, and color directly into the DMS
DTC Engine Code Scanner – Automatically reads and reports engine codes including error description

Your Dashboard

Data is vital to reducing cost, improving efficiency, and driving customer satisfaction. However, raw data isn’t actionable unless it’s translated into a language and format people are able to understand. Our role-based interface interprets vehicle data and presents it in an easy to read dashboard.

Access Your Data Anywhere

Traditionally, dealership personnel have been limited to managing their operations on-location. We enable improved visibility to vehicle location and status from anywhere. The OptimalTraxTM mobile app allows you to step away and still have an eye on your dealership’s data as well as receive a number of customizable alerts.

No Hassle Installation

Because OptimalTraxTM runs in a secure and robust cloud computing environment, installation at your dealership is simple. Let one of our trained and certified installers come to your dealership and have up and running in less than a day. Rest assured, our team makes sure every vehicle with an OptimalTraxTM smart device is accounted for on your lot.

The OptimalTraxTM Advantage

  • SOC 1 Type 2 compliant reporting
  • Unified inventory view
  • Low cost and easy deployment
  • Reduce time and labor to locate vehicles
  • 24/7 activity alerts and vehicle health
  • 2 mile max operational range
  • Lifetime warranty

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