OptimalTraxTM Vehicle Monitoring System

OptimalTrax’sTM dedicated engineers custom built our innovative system to be cost-effective, easy to deploy, and reliable using cloud-based technology that provides around-the-clock monitoring and real-time tracking of your inventory.

OptimalTraxTM increases operational efficiency and lowers your business risks. Our system supports SOC 1 Type 2 financial regulatory compliance and offers a full suite of role-based dashboards and reporting options.

At OptimalTraxTM, we provide a bridge between business and technology for the automotive industry.

OptimalTraxTM smart technology enables General Managers, Sales Representatives, Service Managers, Financial Controllers, and Lot Managers various levels of system-data access to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and improve your Customer Service Index and overall customer satisfaction. Never lose a vehicle again! Accurately and instantly know the location of every new, pre-owned, and certified pre-owned vehicle on every lot including loaners and service vehicles.

Rest assured your vehicle and lot information is secure. OptimalTraxTM uses the latest wireless technology and operates on a private, encrypted network located on your lot(s). No need to worry about compromised data as it is not transmitted over Bluetooth or WiFi.

Key Business Objectives

A solution supporting the successful achievement of your key business objectives:
Revenue and Margin Growth
Improved Operational Performance
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Achievement of Regulatory Requirements
Increased Workforce Safety

OptimalTraxTM Improves Operations

Frustrated looking for lost vehicles?

Pinpoint the exact location of any vehicle on any lot. Reduce time looking for new and used vehicles, loaners, and service vehicles, etc.

Lot checks consuming too much valuable time?

OptimalTraxTM provides the ability to view inventory by lot or by individual vehicles. The result is a dramatic reduction in time spent manually checking inventory.

Monthly inventory reports giving you a headache?

Accurately process monthly inventory audits and floor plan checks in a fraction of the time. OptimalTraxTM reporting suite saves time and assists with SOC 1 Type 2 compliance.

Theft cutting into your profits?

Vehicle theft is a reality. Set virtual fences and receive notifications when geo-fence boundaries are breached to recover stolen vehicles faster.

Data entry and errors creating unnecessary work?

OptimalTraxTM automatically reads the following critical data: VIN, Make, Model, Year, Mileage, Color, Check Engine Codes, Battery Voltage, Fuel Level. Completely eliminate the need to manually enter vehicle information and say goodbye to data entry errors.

After-hours vehicle movement keeping you awake at night?

Let OptimalTraxTM put your mind at ease. Receive alerts for unauthorized vehicle movement within set time parameters when your dealership is closed.

OptimalTraxTM Increases Sales

Losing sales because you can’t locate a vehicle or the battery is dead?

Always know the exact location and status of EVERY vehicle on your lot. Never lose a sale again due lengthy waits or the inability to find a vehicle.

Want to get to a test drive faster?

With OptimalTraxTM, your sales team can instantly locate vehicles for customers to test drive – leaving no room for delay or customer hesitation. Simply pull up inventory by the last 6-digits of the VIN, make, model, or even by vehicle year to find which test-drive vehicles are available.

OptimalTraxTM Drives Service Department Efficiency

Can’t find a loaner or shuttle vehicle for your customer?

OptimalTraxTM is not only for sales inventory, it can help you keep track of all your vehicles including loaners and shuttles. You can even receive alerts when those vehicles enter and exit the virtual boundaries of your dealership.

Tired of getting surprised by dead batteries on your lot?

Save time on battery management with voltage threshold reports that pinpoint which vehicles need attention and where they are located. With OptimalTraxTM battery reporting, you’ll never be caught off guard with a dead battery and will reduce the time your lot porter spends each day starting vehicles.

Is your service bay utilization fully optimized?

Automatically read DTC service codes on new and used lot vehicles. Excess service bay capacity can be utilized by scheduling dealership vehicle repairs.


All OptimalTraxTM vehicle tracking devices are covered by our free lifetime repair or replacement warranty as long as your service is active with us.

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